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Did you know that you can actually use real sugar pumpkins to make a pumpkin pie? Making your own home-made crust and keeping the recipe simple and clean is so delicious. It also helps to have a silly helper that demands to learn something new in the kitchen. Testing this pumpkin pie recipe from scratch in the kitchen came out awesome and I highly recommend it!


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We decided we wanted to test make an impressive pumpkin pie from scratch for some upcoming gatherings with family and friends. So, naturally, what did we do? We consulted with the worldwide internet and found what we thought were some simple recipes. Trying to use the most basic and clean food ingredients, we mixed them all up to make our own pumpkin pie creation from scratch. And as always, it helps to have an eager helper in the kitchen as well.

It took about a total of four hours to make this single pumpkin pie, but keep in mind this pie was made from scratch while experimenting on creating our own new recipe. It turns out, this pumpkin pie was incredibly delicious with a perfectly flaky crust, smooth pie filling with an unbeatable flavor.

At some point, once we get a few dozen real world tasting reviews of this homemade pumpkin pie creation, I may be inspired to post up and share a finalized and complete recipe for you to try.

Below, I have posted the original resources that we used to create this amazing pumpkin pie. Enjoy!

For the pie filling, we watched this amazing YouTube video that explains how to use real sugar pumpkins. Stop using premade canned pumpkin pie filling and give this a try, you won’t believe it.

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For the pie crust, we watched this easy YouTube video that actually made the perfect crust. Keeping things simple and controlling the ingredients is the best way to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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Also, for the pie filling, we mixed up some parts of this recipe that was very helpful as well.