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Finding a new lucky charm can improve your fishing game!

Fishing! Oh yes, I wish I was fishing right now. From the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to the deep sea, to any lake, pond or creek; I enjoy a good fishing trip when possible. Most fishermen won’t admit it, but you will always have your good fishing days as well as your bad fishing days. Every fishermen has their own stories to tell and is quick to share their own story of the one huge fish that got away. I like to personally fish for all sorts of fish including bass, catfish, snapper, drum, crappie, carp, trout, shark and more. I mostly fish for sport, but will sometimes go on the hunt for a delicious meal. Mmmmm, I can remember the taste right now; red snapper is so tasty when caught fresh in the gulf and served for dinner on the same evening! C.P.R. (Catch, Photo, Release) is also a fun part of the sport for sure. Documenting your catch and creating memories of your favorite fishing trips are a must. Also, if you’re like me; having a lucky charm or two is always fun to have while fishing as well. More luck equals more fish right? So, I believe that finding a new lucky charm can improve your fishing game!

As a friendly reminder; please be gentle, non-startlingly, and brisk with Sharks specifically. Many people do not know this, but Sharks are actually very sensitive to being startled and can suffer heart attacks fairly easy. They are also very sensitive to stress in the same way. So please, just remember that if you ever catch a Shark of any kind, be prepared to deal with it in a calm manner and return it to it’s natural habitat as quickly as possible.