"Yes, I am well-known to post grammatical errors from time to time and I even choose the completely wrong words while talking out loud fairly often. Sometimes, I talk or try to type way too fast as well. I mostly cheated my way through grade, middle, and high school and my mind was often in the gutter during many of those important years of public education. I grew up always trying to get peoples attention in almost anyway possible. Now over 20 years later, I have heard almost everyone I know in my life attempt to correct my poor English at times and point out many of my punctuation errors and mistakes. To me, it is like a perpetual payback for those bad grades in public school. It reminds me of all the teachers who just passed me on through instead of helping me. I have even sometimes wondered if they could be held responsible for some of my stupidity. Maybe all the drugs, alcohol, gang involvement as well as plenty of other distractions and factors didn't help me much either during those developmental years. Nonetheless, I have always lived by my fathers own words, "I am who I am"."